Grease Trap Pumping & Cleaning

The food service industry is demanding. You should be focused on what you do best. Let us take care of the pumping and maintaining of the grease trap for you.

Service man doing grease trap pumping

Long History in Servicing Grease Traps

Johnson Septic Service is the professional grease hauler of Northwest Indiana. We have been servicing grease traps for many years, and our technicians are well versed in the operation of grease trap systems. Whether you have an in-kitchen passive interceptor (5-50 gal.) or an in-ground grease trap (750-2000 gal.), we can handle your needs. Call us today and speak with a professional.

Regular Grease Trap Maintenance & Pumping

Johnson Septic Service provides grease trap pumping for the entire Northwest Indiana region with fast, reliable and affordable services. We know your commercial kitchen needs a functioning grease trap and can’t operate with clogged drains or plugged traps. We can keep your pipes running smoothly with regular pumping and cleaning services. Call us to request your grease trap pumping, or schedule an on-site visit with our expert technicians if your trap is unique. To request grease trap pumping or cleaning services in La Porte County, Porter County, Lake County and beyond, call our grease trap cleaning professionals at 219-393-3576.

Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap Pumping

Johnson Septic Services can handle grease traps of any size in facilities like restaurants, schools, hospitals and more. Your commercial location doesn’t have time for a clogged grease trap. Let us do the dirty work by pumping your grease trap. You can trust the services offered by Johnson Septic.

We also know that emergencies happen and grease traps can clog. Call the experts at Johnson Septic Service and we will bring our grease trap pumping equipment to your site to get your trap cleaned as soon as possible.

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