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One of the best parts of our business is being part of the local community, in great cities like Rolling Prairie. Creating trusting, lasting relationships with the residents of Rolling Prairie and helping to make your community a better place to live is our passion. 

Our top-of-the-line Rolling Prairie septic services make the everyday pleasures of small town life a more enjoyable experience for all Rolling Prairie residents. Our team is known throughout Northwest Indiana for our high-quality work, efficient process, and outstanding service. We’re eager to help your community in any way possible.

We work hard every day to help you and become a part of your community!  To learn more, or for help choosing the right rolling prairie septic service for your needs, contact Johnson Septic today.

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Our Rolling Prairie Septic Services

Here at Johnson Septic Service, we offer a variety of services to help our customers. This includes septic pumping and grease trap maintenance. 

Our trained professionals love to do the dirty work that you don’t want to deal with, and we have the equipment to back us up! We work in a variety of locations. Not sure if you’re located within our service area? That’s no problem, just give us a call! 

In addition to our outstanding services, we also offer septic related products as well. Our Bio Tabs® act as vitamins for your septic system. They help to break down waste in the septic tank and drain field, significantly extending the life of your system.

While maintenance is important to keeping your septic system running smoothly, occasionally things do go wrong. When sewage backs up or terrible odors overcome your backyard, it’s a sign there could be something wrong with your septic system. You can trust our team of knowledgeable technicians with any repairs your septic system needs. 

Septic Pumping

Grease Trap Maintenance

Septic Inspection

Septic Installation

Septic Repair


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