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Highland, Indiana, is a thriving community. With growing businesses nestled between green spaces and shopping centers, the Town of Highland is buzzing with things to do. To keep Highland flourishing, Johnson Septic Service is here to support local businesses and community members with all grease trap and septic tank needs. 

At Johnson Septic Service, we know how important it is to keep your community thriving. Whether you’re grabbing a bite in downtown Highland, taking a stroll in Wicker Park, or searching for deals in Highland Grove Shopping Center, we want to ensure that your favorite activities are always enjoyable and mess-free. Don’t let a failing septic tank or clogged grease trap ruin your plans. Keep life, and your septic system, running smoothly by contacting Johnson Septic Service today. 

Highland septic services for Homeowners

Are there weird smells or gurgling sounds coming from your sink drain? Is your sink or bathtub not draining properly? With the necessary equipment and 15 years of experience, our team will fix your septic emergency with ease. Looking to prevent the problem before it arises? We offer routine maintenance solutions such as septic pumping and septic inspections to ensure your system remains in pristine condition. Homeowners can also maintain septic tank function through the use of BioTabs! BioTabs are specifically formulated to break down waste by working from inside your septic tank. Giving your system these tablets regularly will keep your tank working and prevent those nasty messes in the future. 

Highland septic services For Businesses

Owning and running a business is demanding, especially in a bustling town like Highland. You don’t have time to stress about a clogged grease trap, so let our team ease the burden with grease trap pumping and cleaning. Our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to get your grease trap back in working order, so you can keep up with the demands of your business. In need of Highland septic services, too? We help businesses and homeowners alike with septic pumping and tank inspection. Contact us today, and let us clean up the mess for you.

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