Total Septic Services in Griffith, Indiana

Just a short drive south of Lake Michigan is Griffith, Indiana. This Chicago Metropolitan town is home to the locally famous Broad Street, which hosts the Broad Street Blues Fest each year. Broad Street is also home to Vegas Vegas Restaurant and Bar and Grindhouse Cafe. Additionally, Griffith is known for the Griffith Central Market and Rock ‘N’ Rail Music and Street Festival. With so many great businesses, homes and events, Griffith residents and business owners require the best septic services in Griffith. That’s why they trust Johnson Septic Service.

Septic Inspection and Pumping in Griffith

Septic tanks and grease traps store solid waste to keep you, your family or your customers healthy. Your septic should be inspected regularly to make sure it’s working properly. Whether you need your septic checked out or your grease trap pumped, Johnson Septic Service does it all. We even offer Bio-Tabs to keep your septic running smoothly! 

  • Septic pumping: Your septic should be pumped every 1 to 3 years. But if water or sewage is backing up into your house or your bathtubs, sinks and showers are draining slowly, call us today! 
  • Grease trap pumping: We pump grease for 5- to 50-gallon in-kitchen interceptors and 750- to 200-gallon in-ground grease traps.
  • Septic, lift station and grease trap installation: Building a new home or business? Go with the best providers of septic services in Griffith and in the entire region. We can advise on tank size and placement, then we’ll get to work installing it.
  • Septic, lift station and grease trap repairs: If you need a ghost tank or traditional septic repaired, Johnson Septic does it! We repair baffles, lines and septic fields, along with replacing pumps and floats.
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Northwest Indiana Septic Professionals You Can Count On

For more than 15 years, Johnson Septic Service has provided all the necessary septic solutions to northwest Indiana residents and business owners. Our team of septic experts is professionally trained and proud to keep our communities healthy and beautiful. That means disposing of septic waste in eco-friendly ways and using a 200-foot hose so that we don’t have to drive our trucks through your yard. Johnson Septic has the services and professionals you need. Just ask our customers

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Septic Inspection

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