Expert Septic Services in Lowell, Indiana

Lowell, IN, has been cultivating community since 1852. Located thirty minutes south of Gary and Portage, Indiana, the Lake County community feels close to everything yet private and secure. The Lowell Commercial Historic District and James Brannon House are known for their beautiful architecture. Residents and visitors alike enjoy dining at Route 2 Brews, Old Lowell Watering Hole, and Loven Oven Pizzeria and shopping at the Vintage Thrift and Blooming Boutique. Johnson Septic Service has been pumping septic tanks across northwest Indiana and in Lowell for more than 15 years, and we’re available to handle all of your septic needs.

Lowell’s Septic Pumping and Inspection Professionals

Your septic system takes wastewater from your home, removes solids, and sends liquids to the drain. That liquid then filters into the ground to be cleaned through natural processes. Septic pumping should take place every 1-3 years, and Johnson Septic Service offers all of the additional septic services you need.

  • Septic pumping: Prevents sewage backups by removing heavy solids that settle on the tank’s bottom. 
  • Grease trap pumping: Professionally hauls grease from in-kitchen passive interceptors and in-ground grease traps. 
  • Septic inspection: Done every 3-5 years, the routine inspection keeps your septic running smoothly to prevent future issues.

Additionally, we offer septic, lift station, and grease trap repairs and installation. We also keep your septic system running smoothly with Bio-tabs, which sink to the bottom of your septic tank to help dissolve solids and sludge that can clog your system.

Trust the Team at Johnson Septic Service

Septic issues can be messy and expensive. Preventing and repairing septic issues can keep your family and customers safe, healthy, and happy. When you need a septic team you can trust, call Johnson Septic Service. Our family-owned business has served northwest Indiana and Lake County for more than 15 years. The community knows us for our amazing customer service and our experienced, professional service technicians.

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