Septic Inspection Services

Septic Truck Septic Inspection Services

A septic system inspection may be required when buying or selling a home, or refinancing a current property. Completing an inspection before listing your home can help you know about any repairs that may be needed, so you don’t run into any delays during the closing. Generally speaking, homeowners should have a full septic inspection done every three to five years to keep their system running smoothly. This regular schedule helps determine any issues or needed repairs. If you notice any problems (like weak flushing toilets, standing water in your septic field, or unusual odors around toilets or drains) an inspection should be your first call as well. 

Johnson Septic Service is your trusted septic inspection company in Northwest Indiana. Our septic inspectors are state certified to inspect, pump, repair and install any component of your septic system. Call us today to schedule your septic inspection to keep your system running efficiently and safely!

What Does A Septic Inspection Include?

When a certified inspector from Johnson Septic Service comes to your property, he or she will complete a thorough inspection of all parts, including 

  • Location of tank(s) and drainage area
  • Condition of tank(s)
  • Septic tank covers
  • Inlet/outlet baffles
  • Pumps and all other necessary components
  • Type of drainage area & condition of that area
  • Sludge levels in tank
  • Evidence of prior backups
  • Alarm function (if system has an alarm) 
  • Level of tank’s contents to determine if a pump is needed
  • Evidence of any past repairs

Why Choose Johnson Septic Services?

When you have your comprehensive septic system inspection done by the team of licensed septic inspectors at Johnson Septic Service, you will receive peace of mind knowing it was done the right way.
If any problems are discovered during your septic system inspection, you can trust that we will know how to handle them. From clogged tanks to soggy drain fields and more, the experts at Johnson Septic Service use state-of-the-art equipment to repair, maintain or replace any part of your septic system.

Again, we recommend septic systems should be inspected every 3-5 years. If you’re unsure of the last time you’ve had an inspection, call us today. Septic inspections can alert you to any potentially expensive issues AND keep your system working efficiently.